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Bullet resisting door and frame system with concealed armor.

The Armor Defense system is rated for Super Power Small Arms (SPSA) and is intended for architectural environments with equivalent bullet resistance. This door & frame system has not been tested for forced entry, forced exit or for fire protection. The system must be installed securely by the contractor in a manner to achieve the intended functional operation and appearance. The polystyrene core provides excellent insulation characteristics making the system a good choice for interior or exterior applications.

The Armor Defense bullet resistant door & frame system is UL Burglary Protection approved and complies with the Standard for Safety Resisting Test UL 752. Doors are 1 3/4 thick along with having fully welded seamless edges enhance design and appearance. Both the door and frame are manufactured with commercial quality cold rolled steel conforming to A366 or A568...or optional hot-dipped galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A653. Armor plate is internal, welded in-place, conforms to ASTM 569 and dependent on the ballistic rating.

Purpose of door
Our bullet resistant door/frame system is effective against a wide range of firearms when used with structures similarly rated. This system is designed for openings where a bullet resistance
rated door is a requirement, such as utility field buildings, cashier islands, ticket booths, currency
exchanges, box offices, courthouses, casinos, etc.

Bulletproof Door
Bulletproof Door
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