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Dorplus cold storage doors arer insulated panels and doors for building cooler, freezer and food processing facilities. From small cooler and freezer units for food processors to large scale distribution facilities and warehouses, we tailor the structure to your individual needs for insulated doors.

Purpose of door
In tropical country like ours the losses of perishable goods can be only prevented by managing and controlling environment which increases the life span of valuable commodity and promises hands down saving.

Cold Room Door
      • Hinged / Sliding Doors
      • 60-125 mm general purpose full flush design, rated for light to extra  heavy-duty use
      • PUF filled provides thermal insulation, structural strength, exceptional flatness
      • Mechanically interlocked vertical edges rigidity and strength
      • Thermal breaking media to prevent condensation
      • Air tight Gaskets
Standard Specifications
      • 1.2mm thick, Galvanized Iron / Pre coated Sheets / SS304 Hairline finish, Single / Multi Rebated 
      • 1.0mm thick, Galvanized Iron / Pre coated Sheets/ SS304 Hairline finish Shutters
      • 4mm thick steel Back up plates for accessories mounting
      • Color as per RAL standards 



  • Insulated Wire heaters for Freezers
  • Sliding door Kits with All round Air tight Operation

Accessories :

        • Al Die Cast Cam Lift Hinges
        • Latch
        • Door Closer – External Std. Arm

        • Manual Override with Glow Knob
        • Latch with Pad Locking
        • Louvered
Cold Room Door
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