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Fire Door is a passive system used as a movable barrier for saving life and property. It has judicious material that prevents the smoke from spreading in the area and thus, seals the chamber. Our doors have thermally insulated cores are fire retardant and provide strength and flatness to the doors. Painted with fire retardant material, these are available in red, green, white, blue and grey colors as per RAL standards.

These doors are meant for deployment in applications below: Fire doors for High Rise Buildings,Fire doors for Metro Railway Stations,Fire doors for Airports,Fire doors for Ships and freight,Fire doors for passenger liners,Fire doors for Telecom Centers,Fire doors for Power Plants,Fire doors for Cellar Network Stations,Fire doors for Garment Processing Units,Fire doors for Shopping Malls,Fire doors for Industrial Plants, Fire doors for Multiplexes,Fire doors for Hotels,Fire doors for Auditoriums,Fire doors for Software Parks,Fire doors for Restaurants.

Purpose of door
A fire door is a passive device system used as a movable barrier to compartmentalize fire saving life and property. By judicious selection of material, smoke is effectively prevented from spreading and thus sealing the chamber.

Fire Door
      • 45 to 80mm full flush design, rated for light to extra  heavy-duty use
      • Thermal insulated core not only provides fire retardation properties but also provides structural strength and exceptional flatness
      • Full-coat internal contact adhesive for permanent pressure
        bond and rust prevention
      • Mechanically interlocked vertical edges for added strength and rigidity
      • Electro statically applied prime base coat / Fire Retardant paint
      • Factory made insulated glazing
Standard Specifications
      • 1.5mm thick, Galvanized Iron/ SS304 Hairline finish, 100x75 mm Single Rebated Frame / 150x75 Double Rebated Frames
      • 1.2mm thick, Galvanized Iron / SS304 Hairline finish, 45mm thick
      • Shutters Seamless Design by application of epoxy filler or continuous welding (2mm thick shutters only)
      • 4mm thick steel Back up plates for accessories mounting
      • Color shades as per RAL standards and having excellent Fire retardant properties as per standards


    • 2 Hrs, 3 Hrs, and 4 Hrs rating as per IS 3814 and BS 476 part 22
    • Glazing – Single Wired/ non wired Glazed
    • Glass Size: 150 x300; 
    • Color finish –Matt or Glossy
    • Electro Magnetic Lock for Access Controls
    Accessories :

        • Hinges- SS 304
        • Latch –  3 Point
        • Door Closer – External Std. Arm
        • Thresh hold ( Bottom Jamb)
        • Intumescent seals
      • Panic Bar
      • Locks- External , Concealed Dead Bolt
      • Cylinder with Key and thumb turn
      • Door Closer –Hold Open Arm
      • Louvered
Fire Door
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