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Our range of Hospital Doors is used for hospitals and operation theaters and is known as Elixir doors. These have mechanically interlocked vertical edges that increase the rigidity and strength.
It has a radiation shield of X- Ray / cath labs and electro magnetic lock for access controls. The complete internal contact adhesive ensures permanent bond and rust prevention. The other features and specifications include:

Purpose of door
Revolving around the concept of design appropriateness, we have made special attempt to satisfy aesthetic and emotional needs of patients  and hospital staff while performing their noble function of social care at the hospital. Our lively door designs spread the message of hope instead of despair.

Hospital Door
    • 45mm general purpose full flush design, rated for light to extra  heavy-duty use
    • Kraft Honeycomb core provides structural strength and exceptional flatness
    •  Full-coat internal contact adhesive for permanent pressure  bond and rust prevention

    Mechanically interlocked vertical edges for  added strength and rigidity
    Electro statically applied prime base coat / PU painted
    Factory made insulated glazing

Standard Specifications
  • 1.2mm thick, Galvanized Iron/ SS304 Hairline finish, 100x75 mm Single Rebated Frame / 150x75 Double Rebated Frames
  • 0.8mm thick, Galvanized Iron / SS304 Hairline finish, 45mm thick Shutters
  • 4mm thick steel Back up plates for accessories mounting
  • Color as per RAL standards                 


  • Glazing – Single or Double Glazed
Glass Size: 300x300; 300x600; 450x600; 450x900 (mm ); Special on request
Radiation Shield  for X- Ray / Cath Labs
Color finish – Structured, Textured, Metallic with matt or glossy
    • Electro Magnetic Lock for Access Controls

    Accessories :

    • Hinges- SS 304
    • Pivots – Aluminum Die Casted
    • Locks – Concealed with SS 304 Sash Bar & 70mm Euro Profile Cylinder both side keys.
    • Push Plates – SS 304
    • Kick Plates – SS 304
    • Tower Bolt - Concealed
    • Door Closer – External Std. Arm
    • Sliding Door Kit
    • Drop Seal ( Automatic Door bottom)
    • Panic Bar
    • Locks- External , Concealed Dead Bolt
    • Cylinder with Key and thumb turn
    • Tower Bolt - External
    • Door Closer –Hold Open Arm, Floor Spring
    • Door Coordinators for Sequencing Double Door
    • High Impact Crash Guards
    • Louvered
Hospital Door
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